Saturday, June 11, 2011

VC Photoshoot Fun: Take a look behind the scenes!

Get excited, because here at Vintage Couture we’re preparing for the next two catalogs with almost two weeks of shooting at multiple locations. We have a great team that is both professional and fun! Above- you’ll see a behind the scenes picture of Jessica- our designer- in the black baseball cap. Behind the camera is our amazing photographer Robie- we just love him and so did all the models! The kids get to giggle and play as the crew captures their smiling faces and adorable outfits. Below you are seeing sneak peaks of our Winter Café Fleur hostess exclusive collection.

This shoot begins bright and early before the Texas sun is at its best. You can find this cute and quaint old building near the Frisco Heritage Museum. The Museum represents the history and culture of a past Frisco, Texas. Located along a railroad, they have an old locomotive that we also utilized for some great shots!


Models have been arriving for their makeup and garments all day and get their turn one by one at the makeup chair, Mom’s and girls alike. Above is our cute friend Lexi, getting ready to model one of our new coats, and Vintage Couture Stylist Tamara Outland of Abilene, Texas. It is always great to have Vintage Couture stylists and their children come out to model. 

We set up camp inside of Babe’s Chicken Dinner House and were extremely pleased with the private room, staff, and food! Babe’s sits right between the Frisco Heritage Museum and the railroad, allowing us a perfect air conditioned spot to settle and hold models till it was their time to go on location. If you haven’t been to Babe’s, we recommend bringing your loved ones and sitting down to a good family styled meal - our Vintage Couture family enjoyed it! 


Here is our friend Betsy, modeling a new women’s coat, and Vintage Couture Stylist Megan Eckenrode of McKinney’s daughter Madeline along her side. Be sure to check the blog often- we plan to start posting a lot more- lots going on here to share with you! 


shannon said...

so fun to see behind the scenes!!! it' so awesome to be a part of this amazing company!!

Kellye said...

I am so happy that I found the blog and got a sneak peak of Winter Cafe Fleur!! I can't wait to get it for my little one:)

Roger James said...

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