Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet the Staff, Part 2

Every work space has that one go-to-guy, that one class clown, that one friend who never fails to make you laugh. The Vintage Couture office has Aron. In a predominantly female office, you can’t miss him. I think he sounds something like Matthew McConaughey and acts a bit like a harder working Jim Halpert from The Office. He started with the company four years ago and has been nothing but pure support for VC. 

He describes his job role and responsibilities here as “Warehouse Supervisor/IT/Errands/Mini Projects/Photo Assistant/Jokester”. And he’s not joking. The Vintage Couture team must work together like a family and wear many different hats. Fortunately for Aron, he gets to do a greater plethora of jobs, comparatively, doing whatever he can do and wherever he can help.

He’s infamously known as the designer, Jessica’s, go to person when she needs something specific that can’t be assigned to anyone else. You commonly hear throughout the office, “Aaaaarrrroooonn”, before seeing his smiling face by her side. Jessica comments, “Aron always make everything fun and is always willing to do anything we need.” However, Aron is MORE infamous for his entertaining approach at office life. While speaking to Karen, another great coworker here, I told her our next blog post would feature Aron. She smiled big and said that would be great because he’s worked here so long. She further commented about how fun he is and that if he hadn’t pulled a prank on me yet, he was bound to. With that said, Aron has already made my second and third week semi nerve-racking, in a good way, since I’m never sure when he’ll sneak up behind me and scare me from my concentrated state. Aron tells me he partly does this “so it’s not so stressful around here. You have a little fun. But I never do mean pranks… ‘cause that’s mean”. I’m pretty sure I have developed a third ear, just for Aron. It’s true, when I hear him in the office, it’s normally followed by laughs and giggles, and I know I’m safe. If the voice becomes quite, I typically look behind me… just to be sure. All in all, he keeps the spirit alive in the corporate office and I think it’s safe to assume that everyone here enjoys his company and appreciates the work he does. 

Aron originally hails from Indiana. From there he made his way to Ohio and then Texas. He’s been here in Texas since year 2000 with family nearby. Originally an advertising major, he attended University of North Texas where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Radio Television Film. He later got an additional certificate in Audio Engineering. 

When he’s not working, you can find him on the golf course with his dad or out playing rec sports like softball.

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