Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IT has arrived!!

The warehouse staff shows off a portion of the shipment!

Our shipment is here with our Fall/Holiday product!! YAY!!

We are SOOO excited for this and cannot wait for it to get in your hands!! All of us at corporate are working our hardest to get it organized and ready for our new website to launch THIS MONDAY, ready to take your orders!!

Get ready!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet the Staff: Yvette Day, Designer and Production Manager

From small town Kaplan, Louisiana, Yvette Day was just 7 years old when she began 
making her own patterns and sewing. In high school she worked as a pattern maker 
and assistant designer, then left to attend Wade College in Dallas, Texas, to pursue 
a degree in fashion design.

In my role as Junior Designer, I work closely with Yvette. A team player in design and a strong production manager, she lives and breathes her job... enjoyably. Even when things look
 stressful or don’t work out quite right, you’d never know because she has no time to get upset as she’s already fixing and adjusting it. Before you know it, there is no reason to fret! 
That’s the kind of designer and manager that Yvette is. She’s quick and reliable and an amazing problem solver. She understands what needs to be done for...everything! While I’m learning SO much from Yvette about the industry, I’m also realizing that you will always have fun doing what you love, no matter the hours.

Yvette has been working in the fashion industry designing children’s clothing since 1989. She started with My Vintage Baby in February of 2008 and currently holds the position as Designer/Production Manager for Vintage Couture. One of her major responsibilities is communicating with manufacturers in China to make sure production goes smoothly. Her day begins early, around 3:30 AM to check emails and communicate with the factory during their work hours. Yvette has a vast knowledge of production and design. She is involved with every garment up until it’s ready to launch.

About work, Yvette says, “I love every part of my job, but my favorite part is sketching, seeing 
our designs come to life and seeing a child wearing our designs. I also love traveling to 
China and Hong Kong.”

Yvette’s hard work was recently acknowledged at the recent Divas in Dallas event, 
the first annual sales force meeting for Vintage Couture. She received the first-ever 
Employee of the Year award.. 
Yvette's son, Luke, featured in the Vintage Couture Fall/Holiday 2011 catalog.

Yvettes parents and three brothers still reside in Louisiana while she has made a home here in Texas with her husband Terry and their “beautiful almost 5 year old boy named Luke”. She loves “Cooking, traveling, being with family and friends. And of course working!”

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days of the past ...and then some


Vintage cars, clothes, wines and furniture. Vintage decor and accessories, wall paper, tea sets and postcards. Cameras, photos, suitcases, airplanes. The list goes on! And while so many objects fall under the vintage category, so do a lot of decades.

It seems like almost any decade besides the current one provides us with a vintage something or another.

It's interesting to think that as you could categorize an old Victorian pin with a '60s knee high boot! Very different, yes, but still just as vintage. In fact, vintage trends tend to move along the timeline as years pass. It's just another sign of fashion cycles.

I define “vintage” as a word that suggests both nostalgia and quality or importance. Most people have an initial thought when they think of the word vintage, even though it covers a broad subject.

Tell us what you think about when you hear the word “vintage,” and share your favorite past trends that give you that familiar feeling of nostalgia.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everyday Stylish, Everyday Vintage Couture

Check out these adorable kids in Vintage Couture! Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming! We love to see Vintage Couture in your daily lives! 


Meet Randi (3) and her mom, Vintage Couture Stylist and labor and delivery nurse, Kristi Spencer (31 years young, as she puts it!)!!  Randi is seen with her mom in the Garden Party Ruffle Dress and models solo in Leopard Rose!

Kaia (almost 8!) from Virginia Beach visits her grandparents in Miami looking 
fabulous in her Blossoming Days dress!!  We also love how she styled the 
flower from the dress to the top of her ponytail!! 

Shayne (2 in two weeks!!) came into the office in February to help us with fittings! Thanks Shayne!  Here she is modeling poetically in the Leopard Rose Baby Romper, 
accessorized with the Leopard Rose Bow.

Stella (5) and Vivian (2) visit NYC and show off their Vintage Couture Leopard Rose dresses in the Big Apple! Mom Emily saystheir matching dolls dresses were a big hit when they went to visit the American Girl Doll store! Thanks, girls, for sharing the Vintage Couture love in NYC!

New Vintage Couture customer, Oseli Abigail Baeza, makes a fashionista 
decision to coordinate with her doll in Vintage Couture’s Tea Party Dress! We like your style, Oseli!


Jetsun from Dallas just turned 2 and is rocking his Vintage Fuel Shirt with a matching backwards cap!  Vintage Fuel has never looked so cool. :)

If you have exciting VC related news to share with us, or maybe you just want to show off your adorable kids in Vintage Couture, send me info and pictures at

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vintage Couture Inc. hosted its first annual Sales Force Convention, Divas in Dallas, July 22-23! It proved extremely successful because of our wonderful (and fun!) sales force and hard-working corporate staff! It was incredible to see 50 VC Stylists meet and inspire each other. It was also great for the corporate employees to get to know the Fashion Stylists.

The event kicked off Friday night in Frisco, Texas with a banquet and awards ceremony. Corporate staff members were introduced, followed by every single one of our Fashion Stylists in attendance!

In between dinner courses and dancing, we recognized and rewarded the Quarterly Award Achievers, Top Ten Personal Sales, Top Ten Recruiting, Distinguished Diva, and Top Ten Team Sales. And throughout all of this excitement, we had numerous raffle prizes and a Coach Handbag give-a-way!!


On Saturday, VC’s celebrity designer Trista Sutter was there to take photos with the Fashion Stylists and offer words of encouragement at the luncheon. The Stylists were then surprised with a sneak peak of the Fall 2011 Look Book. Afterwards, the fall collection was introduced by designers Jessica Wiswall and Yvette Day; Operations Manager Karen Landis; and designer Trista Sutter.

Following the event, Trista headed to the design studio ready to begin work on her Spring 2012 line for VC. The design team and Trista worked together Saturday afternoon enthusiastically!

While Trista and the design team focused on the Spring 2012 line, Fashion Stylists attended training sessions taught by fellow Stylists to help them become more successful and productive in their business. The agenda included Building a Direct Selling Organization (by Sara Hendricks), Tips for Strong Team Building (by Cindy Boyd), Marketing your Business (by Cassity Reed), and Trunk Tips (by Shannon Rosiere). 

 A huge thank you to our teachers for the workshops who delivered informative and inspirational messages to other VC Stylists. Thank you to those who participated and helped make Divas in Dallas an exceptional weekend to remember in Vintage Couture history. Divas, let us and our readers know what you enjoyed about this event!!

Check back soon for more pictures of the Divas in Dallas 2011 event!