Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....Summer?

Last week, the VC corporate team braved the cold weather and set up shop at the Dallas Arboretum for our Spring/Summer photo shoot. 

After two long days of shooting, we got some great shots for the catalog, and we'd love to share a few shots behind the scenes!

Little Kennedy getting direction from the photographer. I can't believe how well the kids did - it was so cold outside! VC models are tough, that's for sure!

A little bit of tension in the Fairy Garden...

It'll still be a couple of months before we share the catalog with you, but let me tell you, our Spring/Summer collection is adorable!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Look Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes at Vintage Couture when our team of stylists finalize our collection looks? Here are two sneak peek photos. Here, they are finalizing Spring/Summer 2013 designs. This is when the design team approves/denies sample garments for bulk production. 


See anything that strikes your fancy? Get excited for Spring/Summer 2013! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fall '12 Photo Shoot

Fall 2012 is rapidly approaching, and Vintage Couture knows that for a fact!  

We completed our Fall 2012 Photo Shoot earlier this month and are extremely pleased with the models, scenery, crew, and - for the most part - the weather!

A good 'ol Texas Summer is not the most ideal time to wrap up your fall line with a fun filled photo shoot, but... Summer seems to start in Texas around the end of April!!  Lucky for us, we have an exceptional team and some really wonderful models to help us stay professional - and smiling - the entire time!   We also had several chances of rain and were really feeling like we might get rained out.  Somehow the weather was absolutely perfect up until the last 10 minutes of wrapping up, and even then, we were dry till models left and props/equipment were packed.  A few of us DID end up looking like we jumped in a pool while packing up the last bit.. But I'm not going to lie... It was pretty fun!

Here's your first sneak peek on location... :)

We even had a furry model for holiday shots!

VC Designers Jessica and Monica spent days on the look out for cool vintage props.  They came back with some really cool things and tons of pictures of just fun ideas!  Take a look and get inspired for Fall. :-)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let Summer Shine! Share the DT fun!

Summer has started at Vintage Couture and the excitement is UP! 

We've had a busy few months, planning and creating new and exciting things for you. :-)  Hopefully you've noticed our cool new catalog layouts for VC Spring and Summer, accompanied by the fun Spring fold out and miniature Summer look book of Drama Tween!  We've got more tricks up our sleeves to carry out through the year, so keep an eye on us as we grow and better our brand! 

With our still new Drama Tween line, we've already heard of fabulous and fresh ideas to create a fun Tween Trunk Show!!  From tween makeovers to Drama Tween fashion shows, we want to share your ideas and pictures with our followers! 

Send pictures or suggestions to of awesome decor, cool activities, and your favorite tweens rocking out the DT clothes at a Trunk Show!  Got great Vintage Couture Trunk Show ideas?!  We'd love to hear and see them too! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Final Summer Photoshoot!

Designer Jessica Wiswall and Junior Designer Monica Li are in Clearwater Beach, FL to make sure the final round of Summer 12 photo shooting goes smoothly!

Here is the area they got to explore while the photographer, producer and art director explained their stories and visions of each spot.  Wish us luck!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Like a Summer day..

It was SUCH a beautiful day for a photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum.  We really lucked out with 77 degree weather on a rather cloudless January afternoon.  The girls had so much fun and looked adorable in our Summer 2012 collection pieces.

Looking at this photo, I'm sure you're wondering how we're pulling off Summer shots. You'll be pleasantly surprised. :)

We can't wait for you to see them in a few months!!

Model Piper and Mom taking a break between shots.
Shooting in the shade, Piper got a little chilly!

Hard at work on a beautiful day! 

Model Kayla and another model's little brother, Harrison, pose for a quick shot.
Kayla is seen in Vintage Couture's Leopard Rose Dress, while Harrison ROCKS our Rock 'N Roll baby set top! 

Trista Sutter for Vintage Couture Sneak Peek!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Here's a new ID bag/Coin purse you can get through your Fashion Stylist if you book a trunk show!!!  AND it matches one of the Spring collections!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Introducing Drama Tween

So maybe you've seen the buzz on Facebook... We are introducing a Tween line this Spring called Drama Tween!!  It caters to sizes 7-16, and is all about the bling, funky prints and bold colors - everything your tween desires!

I hope you enjoy these two sneak peek shots: the first look at our Drama Tween line and a first peek at our Spring boys J line...