Friday, February 11, 2011

Now that our catalog is out, we wanted to share the photos with you showcasing some of the props we used in the shoot. From Vintage airplanes and army gear to antique motorcycles and tricycle, we want to thank our friends at Willie and Francis at De Ridder Antiques for making it all possible.

You just have to check this place out. You can literally spend an entire day walking through their 55,000 square ft store and never see the same thing twice. It’s vintage paradise on steroids!!!

De Ridder is located in Forney at 10462 West US Highway 80. They are open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and open Sundays from Noon-5pm. Check out their website at and tell them your friends from My Vintage Baby sent you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Family Spirit Orphanage

Last December, an amazing woman named Mandie Joy reached out to us about donating clothing for the children in the Family Spirit Orphanage where she volunteers in Uganda.

Mandie is a nurse there and lives near the orphanage, where the babies go naked because they don’t have clothes. The orphanage is mostly filled with HIV+ children whose parents have died of AIDS or were killed in the violent war going on in the northern part of Uganda.

After looking at their website, we decided we needed to help every way we could and sent the children at the orphanage several cases of clothing. Mandie was kind enough to share photos and a video of the children in their new clothes. We were moved beyond words. The smiles on their faces provided a heartwarming appreciation and gratitude words could never convey.

There are 10 girls ages 10-15 who need to go to middle school this year and they are in need of sponsors. There are also needs for practical small things like soap, beans, sugar, and chalk. If you feel as compelled as we did to help, please reach out to Mandie on her blog at and she’ll give you the information on what they need and how you can help.