Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Acts of Kindness Go A Long Way

Acts of kindness go a long way, and Vintage Couture is so proud to support SPARK, (Serving People And Reflecting Kindness) which is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Plano, Texas. We’re pleased to have been able to contribute to their honorable efforts by providing clothing for children in need, for various reasons and in various situations - all across the United States.

SPARK visionary, Molly Breitenfeld started SPARK with the dream of bringing hope and joy through ministry to those in need. SPARK is a unique ministry, where Christian women work together to counsel and support women in need - on mission trips and retreats. While the sessions are mostly short-term, they provide much-needed physical, emotional and spiritual support to women who find themselves in difficult situations.

Recently, Su Brick from SPARK Ministry sent us the photo below to share with us some comments about our donation of boutique children’s apparel: “With the many darling kids outfits Vintage Couture gave to us, we were able to put together boxes of children’s clothes that went to faith-based shelters for women and their children. We shipped garments to Hope Place in Seattle, Washington (affiliated with the Seattle Union Gospel Mission), Hope Gardens Family Center in Los Angeles, California (affiliated with the LA Union Rescue Mission), Hope Haven Home for Women and Children in Longview, Texas (affiliated with Highway 80 Rescue Mission), and the Orlando Union Rescue Mission in Orlando, Florida. From all reports, the children were delighted to receive the clothes and their mothers were thrilled to be able to provide new outfits for their little ones”.

Pictured above are a young girl and her brother who live with their mother in the Orlando Union Rescue Mission in Orlando, Florida.