Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet the Staff, Part 1

Vintage Couture, Inc. is a growing company, and this blog allows us to include you all in its journey. It's made up of hard working people who still have fun on the job. We believe in our company, its products, and customers. I personally want to share this unique company's best qualities with you.

My name is Monica, and I’m the new Vintage Couture Junior Designer. One of my responsibilities, if you haven’t noticed, is to keep up the company blog.   I’ve been here two weeks and am ready to share the VC experience with you!! I’m excited to start a series of blog posts that will introduce you to the staff here at the office as I get to know them too! It will be a journey we’ll take together, bringing to life the Vintage Couture corporate office. And trust me, it’s pretty lively around here!

I’ll briefly start with myself since you’ll be hearing from me twice a week! 

First of all, I’m a proud University of Texas at Austin graduate with a B.S. Textiles and Apparel Design degree. I walked the graduation stage a year ago but went on to complete one last internship credit last summer in NYC for one of my favorite design houses, Proenza Schouler. I bleed burnt orange (Hook ‘Em!) and indulge myself in the fine arts (Music, Dance, Painting, Design). I love traveling and look at everything through artistic eyes, searching for inspiration. But in the end, I consider Austin, Texas to be the love of my life and Dallas to be my home. 

I am extremely lucky to have this job and couldn’t ask for a better company to work for. These last two weeks have gone by so quickly.  Every day is fun and exciting, and I don’t expect it to ever slow down.  I get to do what I studied and love.  What more could I ask for?!

Now, I’d like to you meet Brinda!

Brinda is in charge of Quality Control for Vintage Couture. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of five! She is originally from Oklahoma but has lived in Texas for most of her life. Something else that has been a part of most of her life is sewing. Brinda remembers how when she was in grade school, she would make very detailed doll clothing. “My Uncle said, ‘If you can make doll clothes that detailed, you can make your own clothes!”, recalls Brinda. With that she laughs at how her uncle bought her yards of a fabric, and everyone in the family got matching clothes! When asked about what she likes best about Vintage Couture, Inc., a fellow employee hollers out from the kitchen, “It’s me!”… but we’ll get to Aron next week. Brinda herself talks about the friendliness in the office and how everyone works together.

        “It’s neat to see Jessica and Yvette stretched out on the floor designing. My boss Yvette, she’s just great to work for. You get to be creative, and that’s one of my passions. I’m always doing something creative at home – making jewelry, recovering furniture, decorating. I’m always doing something. I sew, draw, paint – not houses! My house needs a painting – but I love to draw and paint.” 

She will have been here a year come August and works within speaking distance of me through a nearby doorway, which is probably why she’s the first one for you to meet! Two of her grandkids have been in the office, and I’ll be first to say that Brinda is THE coolest grandmother I’ve seen. She knows what pop culture references they make and sometimes ones them up! She encourages her granddaughter’s passion for fashion and takes the kids shopping! 

I think we’re going to be good friends. :) 

If you have exciting VC related news to share with us, or maybe you just want to show off your adorable kids decked out in Vintage Couture, send me info and pictures at

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