Monday, June 18, 2012

Fall '12 Photo Shoot

Fall 2012 is rapidly approaching, and Vintage Couture knows that for a fact!  

We completed our Fall 2012 Photo Shoot earlier this month and are extremely pleased with the models, scenery, crew, and - for the most part - the weather!

A good 'ol Texas Summer is not the most ideal time to wrap up your fall line with a fun filled photo shoot, but... Summer seems to start in Texas around the end of April!!  Lucky for us, we have an exceptional team and some really wonderful models to help us stay professional - and smiling - the entire time!   We also had several chances of rain and were really feeling like we might get rained out.  Somehow the weather was absolutely perfect up until the last 10 minutes of wrapping up, and even then, we were dry till models left and props/equipment were packed.  A few of us DID end up looking like we jumped in a pool while packing up the last bit.. But I'm not going to lie... It was pretty fun!

Here's your first sneak peek on location... :)

We even had a furry model for holiday shots!

VC Designers Jessica and Monica spent days on the look out for cool vintage props.  They came back with some really cool things and tons of pictures of just fun ideas!  Take a look and get inspired for Fall. :-)