Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Gift of Giving

The gift of giving goes a long way. No one knows that better than Mandie Joy, a volunteer nurse in Uganda. After unexpectedly becoming a foster mother, Mandie is now an adoption advocate and avid blogger, showing the public how the love between child and care taker is not barred by blood relation, where you grew up, or the additional factor of HIV. If you haven’t taken a look at her blog yet (, I highly suggest you do. She’s quite the writer and photographer as well!

Vintage Couture had the unique privilege to help Mandie spread the love. Back in December, Mandie contacted Vintage Couture to ask for some donations of kids clothing. We were able to give her several boxes of clothing. It was so much that she couldn’t even carry it all back to Uganda in one trip! She was able to bring back enough to clothe the children at an orphanage, but saved some clothing for another visit. You may remember this event with her blog post back in February,, as well as in our blog post here:

Mandie has now been able to give the rest of the clothing to what girls were left at the orphanage in May. See her new post here:

We at Vintage Couture would like to thank Mandie for giving us the opportunity to donate the clothing we love so dearly to children in need. Seeing the children in Mandie’s photos gives us the greatest feeling of all, seeing a purely happy child. Polka dots have never looked so good!


Mandie Joy said...

You guys are fantastic! Thank you so much for these clothes and most of all for making these little girls feel beautiful and loved. Every time I've been back to visit since this day, at least 5 of them are wearing this dress.

May you be blessed for blessing us!

Monica Michelle Li said...

Thanks for all YOU'RE doing, Mandie! Those children are so lucky to have your help and company.

VC Diary of a Trunkshow said...

Thank you Mandie for taking care of the children! We are so called to do so! I love the photos and I can only look forward to being a part of something like this in the future! Blessings! I am moved!