Friday, September 30, 2011

More from Round Top and Warrenton TX

Our Round Top/Warrenton trip has ended and we came home with lots of inspirational design goodies! See my last blog for a first look at the trip.

Sadly I can't show you anything we got, but I hope you enjoy these photos of things I found interesting along the way!  Return to a nostalgic time of no cellphones and no internet through these pictures.  That's what it felt like since we had no service. :)

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This was a creative side to a tent!  It was so windy that dust was blowing all over things.  Definitely a smart move. :)

An Old Neiman Marcus Sign!

A see-saw!

If there are any saltines left, I'm guessing they're stale... :)

You know we like the leopard... :)

I thought this was so funny!  It looks like a tornado hit Seaseme Street!  Letters are all over the place!!

Awesome inspiration for a home project, don't you think?!
I think Miranda had these people help her with the wedding decorations.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Round Top and Warrenton, Texas = Vintage Fun!

Hi VC fans!  This is VC Junior Designer, Monica, reporting to you all from Round Top, Texas!!  Designer Yvette and I are here searching through thousands of vendors for vintage fabrics and props.  The Texas heat tried to keep us from reaching our goals with highs of 106 and 104 degrees (as the vendors’ thermometers showed!).  However, we trekked on and took only the best of the vintage prints!  We can’t wait to go back to corporate to show Jessica what we’ve found!

Round Top and Warrenton are two neighboring towns between Austin and Houston.  It is very close to Bastrop, TX, where the wild fires took hundreds of homes.  It’s incredibly hot here and Yvette and I were saddened at seeing the cattle eat something unseen, and hopefully green, in the field of dirt.  Though this area looks starved for water, the people and buzz around here reflect nothing but excitement for this week-long extravaganza!  There are SO many vintage items here -- all with their own histories and memories attached.  It’s incredibly inspirational!

If you love all things vintage and experiencing nostalgia, you need to come to one of these events!!

On a happy note, there are little showers and storms going on right now.  Though not much, the area is rejoicing due to the much-needed rain, and the relief from the baking sun.

Enjoy my pictures from the day and catch up with me tomorrow for more fun vintage inspiration!

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If you have exciting VC related news to share with us, or maybe you just want to show off your adorable kids in Vintage Couture, send me info and pictures at

Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Couture helps fight Juvenile Diabetes!

Join us in our walk to cure Type 1 Diabetes tomorrow morning at Granite Park in Frisco, Texas with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!!  Vintage Couture will be out there to support our cause of choice.  Come out and meet our team, including Vintage Couture designer Jessica Wiswall!

If you can't walk with us or with your community, feel free to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in honor of Vintage Couture at our JDRF team page.  We hope that you and your family can go out and walk for a great cause.

If you'd like to find a location near you to participate, search by state to register for a walk or donate to your local JDRF chapter.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Is it Fashion Week in the corporate office?!

Fall is here and Winter is coming!  New York Fashion Week just kicked off in NYC for Spring 2012.  You can be certain things are busy and exciting up there… just as they are here!!! 

Seasons are preparing to change (Except it feels like the middle of summer here in Texas!!), and the corporate office is buzzing with excitement as everyone works to get things in order for Winter while just a month into selling Fall!  We wish you could feel the atmosphere in the office.  It’s busy and bustling with samples and products being handed this way and that.  The warehouse has boxes and boxes around the clock being packed for YOUR orders.  Marketing is working on the Winter catalog and planning for Spring.  Customer service is doing everything they can to keep YOU happy, and design is making sure that our designs are ROCKIN’ for YOUR ultimate 2012 fashion experience!!  We do what we love in hopes that you will continue supporting us at Vintage Couture.  THIS is the thrill of the job; seeing garments sketched, patterned and created; handling samples that come and go, until finally, they’re produced and arrive to pack and ship to YOU!  WOO HOOO! 

If you think we’re already handling enough seasons at one time, we are also designing custom fabric prints for Winter 2012!!  There is so much to look forward to.  We will keep you posted!  J