Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making the Spring 2012 Catalog

Yes, it's the time of year when Vintage Couture designers finalize the Spring 2012 line. (That means making final adjustments to the production samples for the next season.) The Corporate Office team meets with potential models, checking fit of the garments and confirming availability with the photo shoot schedule. Marketing finalizes the catalog layout and meets with the photographer and his team, while Design makes last-minute alterations to make sure everything fits the models perfectly.

Everyone anxiously watches the 10-day weather forecast because we will be shooting on location in mid-November. In Texas that could mean anything from warm and sunny, to thunderstorms to cold and windy. If you've ever been to Texas, you'd know the weather is completely unpredictable. A few years ago, in Austin, we had a beautiful 80-degree day that ended in snow!

We have four days to capture the essence of the Spring 2012 line and we don't want to miss this opportunity! So, Monday when rain is predicted we reschedule everything and plan to shoot our studio shots the first day. If you noticed, I mentioned shooting on location and in studio. We've never shot models in a studio setting, so this will be a new look for us. We want to feature the intricate details that make Vintage Couture clothing so unique and studio lighting allows us to do just that. It actually doesn't rain Monday, but you guessed it -- now Tuesday's forecast is full of thunderstorms! (It ended up being the most beautiful day.) On Wednesday, the Cold Front arrives! Yes, we capitalize that because it's always a news event. The wind picks up as the temperatures drop. We run for blankets to shield our little models who are waiting patiently in Spring designs while the photographers adjust for the changing light. By Thursday afternoon, we are already done with the shoot. We load all of the props, accessories and clothing in our cars and head back to the office. It's been a great week!

At this point, I can't tell you too much about the line, (a good designer does not reveal anything until the launch) but I can tell you this -- there are so many new designs and fabrics and details to be excited about. The Spring catalog will be something to look forward to! There might be other new and big additions to look forward to as well... :)

Here's a little look into our week:

The Soft Stylists iron, steam and artfully arrange the products on boards before they go to the photographer for product detail shots!

Photo shoot producer, Bryan, and VC Marketing head, Sandra, review and revise the schedule for the week.

Model, Caydie, gets her hair and makeup done!

Props props props!

Finishing touches on model Abby. Camera-ready!

Model, Nicki, waits for hair and makeup. 

A prop waits between shoots. 

Ava models her Trista Sutter My Fair Lady dress for Vintage Couture before modeling new Spring 2012 garments!!

Jessica stands by as photographer makes sure he has the best shot

Moms keep the babies wrapped in blankets while photo team preps the next shot.

Addison models her beautiful Spring 2012 headband with her layers of blankets!

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