Friday, September 30, 2011

More from Round Top and Warrenton TX

Our Round Top/Warrenton trip has ended and we came home with lots of inspirational design goodies! See my last blog for a first look at the trip.

Sadly I can't show you anything we got, but I hope you enjoy these photos of things I found interesting along the way!  Return to a nostalgic time of no cellphones and no internet through these pictures.  That's what it felt like since we had no service. :)

Keep up the VC love,


This was a creative side to a tent!  It was so windy that dust was blowing all over things.  Definitely a smart move. :)

An Old Neiman Marcus Sign!

A see-saw!

If there are any saltines left, I'm guessing they're stale... :)

You know we like the leopard... :)

I thought this was so funny!  It looks like a tornado hit Seaseme Street!  Letters are all over the place!!

Awesome inspiration for a home project, don't you think?!
I think Miranda had these people help her with the wedding decorations.

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