Friday, September 9, 2011

Is it Fashion Week in the corporate office?!

Fall is here and Winter is coming!  New York Fashion Week just kicked off in NYC for Spring 2012.  You can be certain things are busy and exciting up there… just as they are here!!! 

Seasons are preparing to change (Except it feels like the middle of summer here in Texas!!), and the corporate office is buzzing with excitement as everyone works to get things in order for Winter while just a month into selling Fall!  We wish you could feel the atmosphere in the office.  It’s busy and bustling with samples and products being handed this way and that.  The warehouse has boxes and boxes around the clock being packed for YOUR orders.  Marketing is working on the Winter catalog and planning for Spring.  Customer service is doing everything they can to keep YOU happy, and design is making sure that our designs are ROCKIN’ for YOUR ultimate 2012 fashion experience!!  We do what we love in hopes that you will continue supporting us at Vintage Couture.  THIS is the thrill of the job; seeing garments sketched, patterned and created; handling samples that come and go, until finally, they’re produced and arrive to pack and ship to YOU!  WOO HOOO! 

If you think we’re already handling enough seasons at one time, we are also designing custom fabric prints for Winter 2012!!  There is so much to look forward to.  We will keep you posted!  J

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