Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet the Staff: Lisa Welsh

Had a bad day at the office?  Well, I hope you have a Lisa there.  Every day starts out with sunshine radiating off of her, and its not from her beautiful blonde hair!  Lisa has that bubbly easy-to-talk-to personality.  To top it off, she starts most mornings off with giving everyone a hug!  She walks about the office telling everyone good morning and seeing how they are.  It's the most uplifting early morning hello, a if working for the coolest company on the face of the planet isn't enough! :)

Lisa is our Manager of Field Relations, and if you are a Fashion Stylist, you mostly likely know this better than I do!  Lisa spends her day communicating with the Vintage Couture Fashion Stylists and those interested in becoming one.  Lisa loves her job.  "I get to be involved with and touch peoples lives because I talk to the sales force.  I solve their issues and make an impact." I asked for some examples of what people call her for, and she said that the concerns are limitless.  Examples may be to ask for trunk show ideas, helping with recruiting, or just needing a little advice.  People also call to tell her of their achievements because they're so excited!

Lisa helped founder Jessica Wiswall start this company.  They met 11 years ago at a Gymboree play and music class when their two oldest boys were little.  "We just hit it off and were inseparable," Lisa recalls.  She thinks back and says "Jessica is creative.  She had an itch to start a vintage line.  We were together every day, and she needed help.  I helped her start the company and became her business partner.  I was always the people person.  I was Customer Service!  The warehouse was in my garage!"

Lisa has two boys, ages 12 to 9.  She's been married for 16 years and her life revolves around her family.  She's very active at her church and volunteers.  Outside of Vintage Couture, she's running between her boys' baseball and football games, or guitar lessons and drum lessons!  After the birth of her first son, she left elementary education to become a stay-at-home mother.  She says, "And I thought I would be a stay-at-home mom forever! ...Little did I know!"

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