Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet the Staff: Yvette Day, Designer and Production Manager

From small town Kaplan, Louisiana, Yvette Day was just 7 years old when she began 
making her own patterns and sewing. In high school she worked as a pattern maker 
and assistant designer, then left to attend Wade College in Dallas, Texas, to pursue 
a degree in fashion design.

In my role as Junior Designer, I work closely with Yvette. A team player in design and a strong production manager, she lives and breathes her job... enjoyably. Even when things look
 stressful or don’t work out quite right, you’d never know because she has no time to get upset as she’s already fixing and adjusting it. Before you know it, there is no reason to fret! 
That’s the kind of designer and manager that Yvette is. She’s quick and reliable and an amazing problem solver. She understands what needs to be done for...everything! While I’m learning SO much from Yvette about the industry, I’m also realizing that you will always have fun doing what you love, no matter the hours.

Yvette has been working in the fashion industry designing children’s clothing since 1989. She started with My Vintage Baby in February of 2008 and currently holds the position as Designer/Production Manager for Vintage Couture. One of her major responsibilities is communicating with manufacturers in China to make sure production goes smoothly. Her day begins early, around 3:30 AM to check emails and communicate with the factory during their work hours. Yvette has a vast knowledge of production and design. She is involved with every garment up until it’s ready to launch.

About work, Yvette says, “I love every part of my job, but my favorite part is sketching, seeing 
our designs come to life and seeing a child wearing our designs. I also love traveling to 
China and Hong Kong.”

Yvette’s hard work was recently acknowledged at the recent Divas in Dallas event, 
the first annual sales force meeting for Vintage Couture. She received the first-ever 
Employee of the Year award.. 
Yvette's son, Luke, featured in the Vintage Couture Fall/Holiday 2011 catalog.

Yvettes parents and three brothers still reside in Louisiana while she has made a home here in Texas with her husband Terry and their “beautiful almost 5 year old boy named Luke”. She loves “Cooking, traveling, being with family and friends. And of course working!”

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