Friday, July 29, 2011

Near and Dear to Vintage Couture

By Shawne Hoisington, Customer Service 

Whether or not you believe in coincidence or fate, or just plain ol’ good luck, you will be touched by this story. In June we ran a contest for a $100 gift certificate. As you can imagine we had many, many entries. One lucky winner was chosen randomly, and her name is Amanda Hammers.

Congratulations to Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


After receiving her gift certificate, she immediately purchased some clothes and graciously sent us several precious photos with her adorable daughter wearing them. Not only did we notice how sweet Kaydence looked, but the device on her arm looked very familiar to our designer Jessica. This device is called an Omnipod, and as Amanda says, “It has become Kaydence’s best friend”. Kaydence was born with Diabetes Insipidus, and at age 2 was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This Omnipod delivers Insulin as her body requires it, and monitors the glucose level, making it easier to manage her life with this disease. 

Where’s the coincidence, you ask? Well, as you may or may not be aware, our designer Jessica has 3 adorable children, all of whom have Type 1 Diabetes, along with her husband. All of her children also have the Omnipod, which is how she recognized it so quickly in the photo. Because of Jessica and her family, Vintage Couture donates 3% of our net profits from each sale of Trista Sutter’s collections to the JDRF, (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), which is the largest charitable funder and advocate for type 1 diabetes research worldwide.

Now, I understand that unfortunately many children have this disease, but what are the chances that Amanda would randomly win a gift certificate to a company that is so connected to the disease as well as the Foundation? We found it ironic, and that’s why this story was written. It may be coincidence or the “luck of the draw” and nothing more, or maybe, just maybe, it was something more.

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fronzthecat said...

Wonderful story. So glad she won and nice to see VC supporting such a good cause.