Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall 2009 Designs -- Finished!

We finally finished all of our designs today for Fall 2009- a task we have been working hard at for the past 5 months!
I am really excited about our new collections…and I know our customers will be too! We have really expanded our line- with 17 new collections!* We have had a blast putting these together. We have expanded Vintage quite a bit, have designed a layette to coordinate with every collection and greatly expanded our boy line J. In Fall 2009, we will see peace signs, tattoo work and lots of embroidery. We will feature vintage roses, tye dyes, and electric colors. Oh and yes, yes, yes, there will be several new coats for Mom… We will get to see these designs come to life in early January and I will be sure to give you a sneak peak.

*Now, I have to put the caveat here that we may not go to market with all 17 collections…the designs that we have put on paper are now being made into garment samples. Of course, some may not turn out how we envision and thus may never make it to out of our office doors.

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